Craft Descriptions

Grand Canyon and Utah Rafting Trips

Both oar-powered and motorized craft run the river. Motor-powered rafts can zip through the entire Canyon in six days, or zoom from Lee's Ferry to Phantom Ranch in two days. The oar- or paddle-boat trips take half again as much time but provide a quiet and more natural experience. On these smaller boats, passengers have the advantage of being able to talk easily with the crew and one another. Whether in a little or a big rig, you can be assured that the crew will work hard to provide a safe and enjoyable trip.


J-Rig - Inflatable pontoons connected by a frame usually around 37 feet in length. These boats are motorized and operated by a guide.
S-Rig - similar to J-Rig except it's 35 feet long.


Inflatable raft with a frame and one set of oars. A guide rows the boat. These boats range anywhere from 16 to 18 feet in length.


Inflatable raft that is maneuvered by the passengers who each have a paddle. A guide calls out instruction and navigates the boat from the rear.


The dory is a classic, historic work of hand-made art, and has great aesthetic appeal. The guide rows from the middle of the boat. Its sleek, hard-hulled design makes the dory highly responsive and easy to maneuver.


A combination of oar and paddle. Some guests kick back and admire the scenery while others try their hands at the oars. You may freely switch between rafts.