Frequently Asked Questions

Grand Canyon and Utah Rafting Trips

Temperatures vary in the months of April through October with the water temperature remaining fairly constant at about 45 - 55 degrees. In March, April, September and October the weather is a little cooler and warmer clothing is recommended.

The Arizona sun can be strong, so you need to protect yourself against sunburn. A good hat, Chap Stick (Lip Balm) and lots of sun block with a 15 to 30 rating and non-stinging to the eyes is recommended.

Where and when will I get my river equipment?
Rafting Trip Orientation

Your waterproof bag, waterproof can and life jacket will be available at the river orientation at the boat launching site.

Will I need all the things listed on packing list?
Packing List for the Rafting Trip

The packing list is general and is meant to cover all of our trips in all kinds of weather. It merely suggests items to consider for your trip and you bring what will best suit your needs.

What is the cancellation policy for day trips?
Cancellation Policy

Due to limited number of seats, an $85.00 per person cancellation fee will be charged for any cancellation prior to 30 days of the tour date. There will be no refund for cancellations within 30 days of the tour date.

What about snakes and bugs?
Wildlife During the Rafting Tour

Being a desert environment, mosquitoes and flying insects are not a bit problem. Snakes and scorpions are seldom seen. But most trips will thrill to the sight of Desert Big Horn sheep and many canyon birds.

Do I have to wear my life jacket all the time? Even when we are not running the rapids?
Safety First While Rafting

Yes, everyone must wear his or her life jacket and keep it buckled up at all times when on the raft.

What are the toilet facilities on the river trip?
Country Comfort

Portable toilets are available at Peach Springs Airport, the boat launching area and at Grand Canyon West.

Can we expect rain?
Unpredictable Weather While Rafting

We never know for sure when it will rain. So, even if you are taking a summer trip, you should bring a rain suit as outlined on the packing list. Many people wear them while running the rapids.

What is the meal like and what beverages are provided?
Snacks, Food and Drinks

Water, juice and soft drinks along with snacks will be provided and are located in a cooler at the back of the boat. Sandwiches served along with chips will be for lunch. NO alcoholic beverages will be allowed.

Who will be our guide?
Experienced Rafting Guides

Our guides are qualified with hundreds of miles of river experience. Each guide is a accomplished outdoors person with a background in natural history and the ability to make every river trip a special and memorable experience.

Will there be a first aid kit?
Kit on the Raft

A small first aid kit shall be carried on every boat.

Is rafting trips strenuous?
Outdoor Activity

Since our trip is an outdoor activity and with the exposure to the elements, we consider our river trips to be mildly strenuous, requiring some effort.