Rafting the Whole Length of the Grand Canyon


Lee's Ferry to Pearce Ferry, Lake Mead
  • 286 river miles
  • All the rapids, class I to X

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From Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead, the Colorado River flows, churns, and gouges its way through the Grand Canyon. In places where the river encounters metamorphic rock formations, or where debris has been washed into the river, rapids are created. On the average, there is a rapid per mile, ranging from ripples to major falls. You will plunge through the mountainous waves of Badger, Grapevine, Horn Creek, Granite and Upset before hearing the thunder of Lava Falls, one of the biggest "Big One's" alerting its proximity by the falls roaring sounds. Between the rapids there are stretches of calm water where one can lean back and gaze about in wonder while floating through narrow canyons of fluted schist and polished granite. Beyond each terraced slope, around each bend is another breathtaking view.

Rafting through the Grand Canyon at Hermit's Rest

Some days will be spent mostly on the boat as you run the river's booming rapids. Other days you will take off-river hiking excursions. There are side canyons with waterfalls and natural swimming pools where tropical monkey flowers grow within six feet of desert cactus. Some hikes lead to high plateaus where you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the Grand Canyon. Other trails lead to abandoned mines or ancient Native American ruins. Each day will be full and varied.

Camping at night on big sandy river beaches with huge, hearty meals prepared by your guides with foods from an onboard larder filled with fresh and frozen meats, vegetables and desserts. After dinner watch the setting sun and listen to the quiet canyon as you settle into your sleeping bag. Rise and shine to a hot breakfast, fresh fruit and juices. Then it is on the river again for more rapids and magnificent scenery. You will come to know the Grand Canyon "up close and personal," in a way that few other people have experienced.

Prices start from:

  • Motorized Craft for 7 to 11 days - $2,645.00 pp
  • Oar Raft for 12 to 15 days - $3,620.00 pp
  • Dory Craft for 14 to 18 days - $4,099.00 pp
  • Hybrid Raft for 13 to 14 days - $3,730.00 pp
  • Paddle Craft for 13 to 14 days - $3,850.00 pp

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