Green River Day Trip

Split Mountain Gorge, Flaming Gorge, or Gray Canyon


  • 9 river miles
  • Class II - III
  • Lunch

Prices start from:
1 day - $60 per person

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Spectacular Scenery

Split Mountain Gorge rafting adventure covers nine river miles through a 1,500 foot canyon carved by the Green River . To the geologists or nature lover it is one of the most spectacular geological areas in the west. Colorful rock strata range from the Morrison formation, which contains the Dinosaur fossils and is over 140 million years old, to the Madison formation almost 400 mil. years old. Your rafting guides will educate you about Dinosaur National Monument 's geology, wildlife and incredible history. This whitewater rafting trip is the perfect mix of fun waves and rapids. In nine miles, there are four Class II - III rapids: Moonshine, S.O.B., Schoolboyand Inglesby. You will enjoy this rafting trip if you are a seasoned rafter or a first time river runner. Enjoy a catered riverside lunch prepared by your professional whitewater rafting guides. This rafting trip is the perfect mix of spectacular scenery with just enough whitewater splashing to add a little spice. A perfect rafting adventure in Utah for just about everyone.

Amazing Scenery

Flaming Gorge raftingtrip begins just downstream of Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The deep, cool water of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir spill out here and make the Green River a pleasant adventure through towering red walls. Rainbow trout, mule deer, bald eagles, and osprey greet you and you are introduced to a class II river and amazing scenery. If you only have time to plan one trip to see the beautiful Green River in Utah, Flaming Gorge is the place to do it.

Great Family Fun

Gray Canyon ’s 9-mile stretch through the lower portion of the Green River takes from ½ day to 1 day to raft. This segment includes seven mild rapids, though there may be a few class 3 rapids in high water. Gray Canyon is best run from April through October with peak time from late May to early June. The trip begins at the Nefertiti Rapid, about 20 miles northeast of the town of Green River. View ancient petroglyphs left by early inhabitants of the area and stunningly beautiful and unique black, gold and red canyon walls on this quiet stretch of the Green River. An ideal trip for families, youth and church groups, and scouting organizations.