Greatest Upper Grand Canyon

Lee's Ferry to Diamond Creek


  • 226 river miles
  • Class I to X
  • Helicopter out

Rafting on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Prices start at:
Motorized Raft for 8 days - from $2,685.00 pp
Oar Raft for 12 to 13 days - from $3,695.00 pp
Dory for 13 to 16 days - from $5,661.00 pp
Hybrid for 14 to 16 days - from $3,804.00 pp
Paddle for 14 days - from $3,904.00 pp

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Raft some of the Biggest Rapids

The same as the Greater Upper trip...

The Colorado River through the Grand Canyon offers some of the biggest white-water in North America and this tour includes all the best. You will begin with medium sized rapids called Badger, House Rock and Unkar. Nevills rapid then builds quickly with Hance. (Hance has the largest vertical drop, 30 feet, of any rapid in the canyon.) Immediately after Hance you enter the Inner Gorge, Hermit and Crystal are the stars of this group. Downstream, basalt outcrops alert you to your proximity to Lava Falls and soon you will hear the thunder reverberating from the canyon walls. Passage here demands a good long look before dropping into one of the biggest of the "Big Ones."

Explore Archaeological Sites, Caverns and Side Canyons

Many people come for the thrills of the rapids, the big drops. And while they have earned their reputation and are exhilarating, they are only part of the river experience. This grandest of canyons, cut into ancient rocks by the force of the Colorado River, offers spectacular scenery, incredible geology and an array of plants and animals. The light changes from moment to moment tantalizing photographers' imaginations. During the day you'll make frequent stops along the river to view archaeological sites, huge caverns and enticing side canyons. You will see breathtaking waterfalls, deep emerald oasis and towering cliff walls. At a turn in the trail you may come upon a deer browsing or hear the delightful canyon wren serenade. Every day is an adventure and discovery of the secrets of the natural world, of fellowship, of solitude, of you.

Delicious Dinner on Sandy Beaches

After a day of exploring and boating, you will pull into camp on a sandy beach and eat a delicious dinner. Your guides do all the cooking and your guaranteed not to be disappointed in the meals. You can read, relax or take an evening stroll up a side canyon. As the sun begins to sink the stars begin to glisten. The day adventure is shared. The universe's quiet serenity is spread out above your bedroll as the heaven's magnificence envelops your soul. This first class adventure is not soon forgotten. You will be awestruck by the beauty of this powerful place and leave recharged!

plus... 30 additional miles at the end to Diamond Creek.