Green River through Lodore Canyon

Gates of Lodore to Split Mountain Campground


  • 39 river miles
  • Class II to IV

Prices start from:
Raft for 3 days - $555 per person
Raft for 4 days - $702 per person
Raft for 5 days - $889 per person

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Dinosaur National Monument

The Green River in Colorado surges among gorges glutted with the remnants of giants. As you raft the Green River through Dinosaur National Monument, the riverbed's banks are an open-air archive of far-out fossils — many in plain sight among the cliff walls and shores — unearthed by wind, water and time. At its start, the Green River twists through the Gates of Lodore, a catacomb of scarlet slot canyons, yawning valleys and lush ledges of emerald evergreen and brush.

Lodore Canyon History

Lodore was the first major canyon encountered by John Wesley Powell and his men on their 1869 expedition. Powell's adventures live on in the rapids he named: Disaster Falls , Triplet Falls and Hells Half Mile. Set aside as an American treasure in 1938 under the National Park system, this canyon is a sanctuary for bighorn sheep, deer and other friendly critters. The whitewater is technical, and that means your guide's oars will be busy as a bee's wings, making quick cuts and dodges to keep the self-bailing raft headed for the clear chutes and clean waves.

Hikes and Personal Paddle Time

Exploration is the mission of the day as rafting the Green River promises dozens of side hikes, relaxing nights on the beach and easy-going whitewater paddles perfect for young families and laid-back vacationers. Inflatable kayaks are optional on Lodore trips, to allow "personal paddle time."