Rafting the GRAND CANYON
Packing Lists


Day Trips and Overnight Trips Packing Lists are provided below.
Day Trip Packing List

The following checklist suggests the personal gear you may want to consider bringing on your raft trip to be comfortable. Though we have tried to be as specific as possible, you should give some consideration to your own personal needs. We recommend a small back pack or fanny pack to keep your belongings with you.

Shorts (lightweight, fast drying material)
T-shirt (lightweight, fast drying)
Tennis/athletic shoes or other river type sandals
Hat with retention strap (or visor)
Sun Block
Sunglasses with retention strap
Camera (packed in water proof bag) - Take plenty of film and spare batteries for your camera. All cameras should have straps. We recommend keeping your camera in a zip lock bag, even when it is in your waterproof can. The new disposable waterproof or panoramic cameras are excellent on the river trip. They are great for rapid shots and other unique shots.
Money - You will need to take money with you on this trip. If you have forgotten to take one of the items listed above, you will be able to purchase them in our Gift Shop. It is customary upon receiving a satisfactory trip, to tip the river crew. (Leave your passport and other documents in a secure place at your hotel)
Lightweight jacket or polar fleece sweatshirt (spring and fall)
Long pants (lightweight, fast drying material for sun protection)
Rain suit (some people prefer to wear it in the rapids)
Personal Items - Do not take expensive jewelry, expensive watches and other such valuables with you on this trip.
A note about Videos - Be aware there is no place to recharge batteries on our trips so you might want to take extra batteries. If the video camera will not fit into the ammo can, we suggest you check with your local sporting goods or camera stores for a waterproof bag to protect it. If you try to shoot while in the rapids, you will probably ruin it.

Overnight Packing List

Most packages include: all meals, assorted non-alcoholic beverages, plates, cups & utensils, a sleep kit (sleeping bag, foam pad and ground cloth), and Coast Guard approved life preservers. Also provided are waterproof containers for clothing, personal items, and camping gear as well as an ammunition can for incidentals and photo equipment.

Recommended Packing List

Long Pants
Loose fitting, quick drying fabric. For sun protection, cool evening and mornings, or to wear on rugged hikes.
Long Sleeved Shirts
For same reason as above.
Cotton T-Shirts
Bathing Suit(s)
Socks & Underwear
Sweatshirt or Fleece Pullover
To wear on chilly mornings or evenings and on the bus ride.
Rain Suit
We recommend a two-piece waterproof rain suit - top and bottom. Although temperatures are often HOT, the river is COLD. There may be times when you don't want to get wet in the rapids. If you have a good rain suit, you will stay warm and dry.
Windbreaker type: Memorial Day to Labor Day. Parka: in May or September. It can be cool at night and early in the morning on these pre- and post-season trips.
Baseball cap or tennis hat, for shade (affix a tie of some sort to prevent it from blowing off in the wind or being washed off in the rapids)
1 Pair Rubber Sandals
Like Teva-Alps, choose some with good fasteners and non-slip bottoms
1 Pair Athletic Shoes
Like running shoes or tennis shoes.
1 Pair Hiking Boots/Shoes
We suggest non-leather material that can get wet and stay comfortable, with vibram sole, high or low top, whatever is most comfortable for you.
Toiletry Items
Toothbrush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap for washing (Ivory bar will float), shampoo, comb & brush, small towel for bathing, etc.
Zip Lock Bag
With small supply of headache tablets, safety pins, band aids, Neosporin, small package of tissues, small flashlight/penlight, and 2-3 small trash bags for dirty or wet clothes.
Secured with strap.
Day Pack and Canteen or Water Bottle
For off-river hiking excursions.
Pillow (optional)
A small, stuff able pillow may help you get a better night's sleep. There should be ample room in your sleep kit bag for a small pillow.
Camera & Film
Most folks use twice as much 35-mm film as they think they will need.
Tents are provided for inclement weather, if it's raining or very cold. If you would like a tent to use each night for privacy or other reasons, you should bring a tent.
Suntan Lotion and Lip Balm 
Suntan lotion with a sunscreen or zinc oxide, depending on your skin's sensitivity. Lip balm is essential.


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